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Made in the USA!
GO anywhere Toilets
Waste Bag Kits
Pee-Wee Bags
and Poo Powder are
all made in the USA

New Names New Packaging Same Great Products

The company, Phillips Environmental has changed its name to Cleanwaste

The PETT toilet is now known as the GO anywhere toilet

WAG bag waste bag kits are now called GO anywhere toilet kits

Pooh Powder is now Poo Powder

What hasn’t changed?

These are still the best camping and emergency toilet products you can buy.

Poo Powder - waste treatment

Poo Powder - waste treatment

Poo Powder - waste treatment
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For detailed information about Poo Powder go to our Poo Powder page.

This is the larger of the two containers of Poo Powder:

  • The full canister weighs 4.2 lbs.
  • Each canister contains 120 scoops of powder.
  • Each scoop holds enough Poo Powder to gel 21 oz. of liquid, usually enough for more than one use.
If you use a lot of Poo Powder it's more economical to buy a 5 gallon bucket.


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