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GO anywhere Portable Toilet


Made in the USA!
GO anywhere Toilets
Waste Bag Kits
Pee-Wee Bags
and Poo Powder are
all made in the USA

New Names New Packaging Same Great Products

The company, Phillips Environmental has changed its name to Cleanwaste

The PETT toilet is now known as the GO anywhere toilet

WAG bag waste bag kits are now called GO anywhere toilet kits

Pooh Powder is now Poo Powder

What hasn’t changed?

These are still the best camping and emergency toilet products you can buy.

Wherever you need portable toilet facilities, the GO anywhere portable camping toilet is your easiest and most hygienic solution.

This premium quality camping toilet is sturdy, even on rough ground so you’re secure and comfortable. Waste is gelled, deodorized and double bagged - just throw it in the trash.

Great for Camping
The GO anywhere portable toilet makes camping more enjoyable. Never again trek across the campground to distant facilities first thing in the morning or, worse, during a rainy night! With your very own portable toilet seat, you never have to crouch in the woods or balance on a dirty log!

For Emergency Preparedness
GO anywhere camping toilets store compactly and the supplies can be stored indefinitely. When the need arises at home or business, you have immediate facilities that are both convenient and sanitary. 

Easy to Use
Each porta potti comes with three GO anywhere Toilet Kits (waste bags). Go to our Waste Bag Kits page for more information or to purchase additional kits. Having a canister of Poo Powder on hand allows you to use each bag more times. Check out the Privacy Tent and the Complete System before ordering your portable camping toilet.

GO anywhere Portable Toilets are Made in the USA!

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Toilet Specifications

Toilet Specifications

Weight: 7 lbs.
Supports a weight of: Up to 500 lbs.
Seat height: 14.5 in.
Footprint: 17 in. wide x 19.75 in. front to back
Folds to: 19 in. x 14 in. x 5 in.
Features at a Glance

Features at a Glance

  • No water is needed. This saves a lot of heavy lifting and, since the waste is gelled, deodorized and bagged; there are no unpleasant cleanout tasks. 
  • The waste is easy to dispose of in any normal garbage receptacle. No problem finding a place that will allow you to dump it, as might happen with a portable camping toilet using water.
  • The folding portable toilet seat with its integrated handle is lightweight, compact and easy to carry and store.
  • The folded legs are protected inside the frame during storage or transportation.
  • Height and bowl size same as a standard home toilet make it comfortable to use, just like being at home!
  • The sturdy three leg design gives great stability, even on rough terrain. This is important because it wouldn’t be pleasant if it were to collapse during use.
  • It’s made of hi-impact, ultraviolet-stabilized thermoplastic to withstand hard use.
  • Normal operating temperatures are minus 40 degrees to plus 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Almost in any conditions!
  • Spill proof and hygienic: liquid waste is gelled immediately. The special design of the flange under the portable toilet seat keeps the top and outside of the bag secure and clean so your hands stay clean.
  • Puncture resistant outer disposal bag contains each used waste bag securely: no worries about spillage on the way to the disposal location.
  • Every waste kit contains toilet paper and hand sanitizer so your portable toilet facilities include everything you need for comfort and hygiene.
  • The GO anywhere toilet from Cleanwaste is the same quality product from the same company as the Pett toilet which was made by Phillips Environmental. Only the names have changed.

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