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Whiz Freedom - Female Urine Funnel


Made in the USA!
GO anywhere Toilets
Waste Bag Kits
Pee-Wee Bags
and Poo Powder are
all made in the USA

New Names New Packaging Same Great Products

The company, Phillips Environmental has changed its name to Cleanwaste

The PETT toilet is now known as the GO anywhere toilet

WAG bag waste bag kits are now called GO anywhere toilet kits

Pooh Powder is now Poo Powder

What hasn’t changed?

These are still the best camping and emergency toilet products you can buy.

Every Woman Needs a Whiz Freedom Female Urine Funnel! 

How Does it Work?

The Whiz Freedom female urinal allows women to pee standing up, or in a sitting or lying position, without undressing. Just push your underwear to the side, hold the funnel against your body and nature and gravity will do the rest. Urine is directed away from the body so there are no flowbacks, splashes or spills.  With it you can pee onto the ground, into a toilet or into a container such as the attachable Relief Bag or the Pee Wee bag with its gelling ad deodorizing powder.

When and Where Do You Need a It?

  • The ability to pee standing up is a great advantage wherever restrooms are unsanitary or just not available.
  • It’s so convenient, quick, easy and discreet in the outdoors, hiking, camping skiing, golfing, boating etc.
  • The female urinal works great in confined spaces like cars, wheelchairs, kayaks and small planes.
  • A female urine funnel is a boon to women who are injured, disabled, elderly or have incontinence issues.
  • The Whiz Freedom is ideal for women of all ages, 4 years and up, anytime, anywhere. 

What Makes the Whiz the Best Female Urine Funnel?
  • It’s the first hydrophobic and anti-bacterial female urinal and contains no latex. 
  • A special additive in the thermo plastic elastomer material of the urine director repels all liquid, allowing you to remove any liquid droplets from the Whiz after use with just a flick or a shake.  It’s clean to put away without washing.
  • The Whiz will never lose its hydrophobic quality. 
  • The medical grade plastic also offers permanent anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and antifungal protection. 
  • It can be washed in a washing machine or dishwasher at temperatures up to 40 degrees centigrade. 
  • The soft plastic of the Whiz allows it to conform comfortably to any body and the patented “Lily” shape has been tested on over 1400 women to achieve the most comfortable and best fitting design possible to pee standing up, sitting or lying. 
  • It  folds up small to fit into your pocket, backpack, purse or glove box and springs back into shape when you are ready to use it and it only weighs half an ounce. 
  • Detailed and very helpful instructions for use are included. 

Available Alone or with Accessories
  • With a removable 4 inch extension tube - great with bulky clothing or in awkward places.
  • With a zippered nylon carry bag to carry it discreetly and keep it clean.
  • With a an attachable, spill proof Relief Bag.

Sometimes You Need a Pee-Wee Urine Bag with Your Whiz

For those places where you can’t pee on the ground, try Pee-Wee Urine Bags.  Powder in the bag deodorizes the urine and solidifies it so you can just seal the bag and throw it into any trash receptacle.

Join the thousands of women who enjoy the freedom of being able to pee standing up with a Whiz Freedom female urinal: camping, hiking and travelling, or sitting in confined spaces like kayaks and wheelchairs. 

Sorry, the Whiz is out of stock right now.

Sorry, the Whiz is out of stock right now.

Features at a Glance

Features at a Glance

  • Can be used in a standing, sitting or lying position.
  • Directs urine away from the body with no flowbacks, splashes or spills. 
  • Patented “lily” shape fits comfortably. 
  • Soft plastic conforms to your body. 
  • Hydrophobic – just flick to dry. 
  • Anti-bacterial – hygienic to use time after time. 
  • Weighs only half an ounce.
  • Pee standing up with the Whiz Freedom female urinal!

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