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GO anywhere Complete Toilet System


Made in the USA!
GO anywhere Toilets
Waste Bag Kits
Pee-Wee Bags
and Poo Powder are
all made in the USA

New Names New Packaging Same Great Products

The company, Phillips Environmental has changed its name to Cleanwaste

The PETT toilet is now known as the GO anywhere toilet

WAG bag waste bag kits are now called GO anywhere toilet kits

Pooh Powder is now Poo Powder

What hasn’t changed?

These are still the best camping and emergency toilet products you can buy.

The GO anywhere Complete Toilet System includes everything you need to set up portable toilet facilities for camping, emergency, job site or any outdoor event.

Since the total camping toilet system weighs just 18 lbs and fits in it’s own backpack, it is easy to store if you need emergency sanitation supplies on hand and easy to carry if you need a portable camp toilet away from motorized transportation.

No water is required and the gelled and deodorized waste is double bagged for easy disposal with the normal trash. This portable camp toilet system is safe, sanitary and environmentally friendly. No spills, splashbacks or contact with waste helps control the spread of disease.

The GO anywhere Complete Toilet System Includes:

The GO anywhere Portable Toilet

  • The light weight folding camping toilet is made of hi-impact, ultraviolet-stabilized thermoplastic to withstand hard use and the legs fold inside the frame for compact storage.
  • The sturdy three leg design of this portable camp toilet gives great stability, even on rough terrain.
  • Height and bowl size same as a standard toilet make the camping toilet comfortable to use, just like being at home!

The GO anywhere Privacy Tent

  • The privacy tent can easily be set up by one person, in seconds to create instant portable toilet facilities.
  • With strong poles and multiple ways to secure it to the ground, the tent is sturdy, even in wind.
  • Screened windows on 3 sides may be opened to allow cross ventilation for your comfort when using this portable camping toilet.

15 GO anywhere Waste Bag Kits

  • Lift up the seat of the GO anywhere camping toilet and place the bottom of the biodegradable waste bag in the mesh holder. Open the bag, fold the top of it into the specially designed groove and lower the seat.
  • Poo Powder in the waste bag gels liquid waste and encapsulates, deodorizes and breaks down solid waste.
  • Each bag contains enough Poo Powder to gel up to 32 oz. of liquid; enough for multiple uses.
  • Each kit contains toilet paper and hand sanitizer because hygiene is important when camping or in an emergency and water is not plentiful.
  • Additional waste bag kits may be purchased in packs of 12, 25, 50 or 100.

The GO anywhere Backpack

  • Specially designed to store all the components of the system and carry them to your camp or job site.
  • Includes a large, strong, zip close bag for used waste kits
  • Has an expandable outside pocket to carry used waste kits.
  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry your portable toilet facilities

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Purchase the Complete System

Purchase the Complete System

Features at a Glance

Features at a Glance

  • GO anywhere Portable Toilet. A unique three legged, portable toilet that folds to briefcase size and shape, weighs only 7 lbs., yet is the same height and bowl size as a standard toilet.
  • GO anywhere Waste Bag Kits with Pooh Powder waste treatment. Special biodegradable, puncture resistant, landfill approved bags contain the powder which gels liquids, catalyzes decay, and neutralizes odor. Each bag comes with toilet paper, hand sanitizer and a zip close disposal bag. 15 kits are included with the System.
  • The GO anywhere Privacy Tent. 6’ 6” x 4’ x 4’, floorless, with three closeable windows. Includes ground secure flaps on three sides and a 63” door, as well as a closeable flap on top that accommodates an outdoor showerhead.
  • The GO anywhere Backpack is specially designed to hold the entire portable toilet system, including a pocket for carrying used bags when necessary. The Complete System, in the backpack, weighs only 18 lbs.

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