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Made in the USA!
GO anywhere Toilets
Waste Bag Kits
Pee-Wee Bags
and Poo Powder are
all made in the USA

New Names New Packaging Same Great Products

The company, Phillips Environmental has changed its name to Cleanwaste

The PETT toilet is now known as the GO anywhere toilet

WAG bag waste bag kits are now called GO anywhere toilet kits

Pooh Powder is now Poo Powder

What hasn’t changed?

These are still the best camping and emergency toilet products you can buy.

The GO anywhere Portable Camping Toilet is your best solution wherever you need portable toilet facilities.

This compact, light weight, virtually odor free camping toilet system is easy to carry, set up and use and the bagged and gelled waste can be just tossed in the trash. You never have to handle gallons of heavy water!

The Portable Toilet Facilities Favored by Government and Military. 
The GO anywhere Toilet is manufactured by Cleanwaste and was formerly known as the Pett portable toilet. Due to its rugged design and ease of waste disposal it is the number one system used by the military worldwide. Thousands are in use by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the National Park service and the National Forest Service.

The Best Camping Toilets for Recreational or Emergency Use 
If you love to camp out but hate that there’s nowhere to go to the bathroom, the GO anywhere system and privacy tent are your easily portable, odor free solution. Outdoor trip leaders love the convenience and rely on the quality of this system. Businesses, organizations and homeowners count on it for their emergency sanitation needs.
We Offer a Full Range of Portable Sanitation Products
  • Pee Wee Urine Bags are a life saver if you’re caught out where plumbing’s not available and going onto the ground is not an option. Poo Powder in the bags gels liquid and prevents spills. Just throw the used bags in the trash. 
  • Attention Women! Ever wish you could pee standing up like a man? So quick, easy and discreet. With the Whiz Freedom female urine funnel, you can! 
  • The biodegradable waste kits, called GO anywhere Toilet Kits, (formerly known a s WAG Bags), are a double bag system designed for use with the camping toilet. They may also be used on their own when you need to travel light. The waste bags contain Poo Powder, the amazing key to the Cleanwaste system; enough for multiple uses. Use, seal and throw the bag in with normal trash!
  • Toilet in a Bag is the new economy version of the GO anywhere Toilet Kit. Smaller, with no outer bag, toilet paper or hand sanitizer but a great price.
  • Poo Powder, formerly known as Pooh Powder, is a NASA developed gelling agent which encapsulates, deodorizes and breaks down human waste. It’s great to have on hand to maximize the use of each waste kit allowing you to save money. 
  • Poo RepAIR is a safe, non aerosol, deodorizer spray that kills odors instead of masking them. Fantastic on garbage, human and animal waste etc. etc.
  • The Privacy Tent, with its integrated, hinged, snap together poles can be set up by one person in seconds. Its spaciousness, height and ventilation make it a pleasure to use and its quality has withstood even the winds at Everest Base Camp.
  • GO anywhere camping toilets are designed to be sturdy even on rough ground. The comfort is just like being at home and the quality is unsurpassed. Isn’t a portable camping toilet the last thing you want to collapse under you?

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